Join Us At The Next Meeting

May 12th, 8:00AM
New Milford Cafe

Guest Speaker: Dave McIntyre
Topic: The JEDD

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Welcome to the Rootstown Area Chamber of Commerce

Here we are, almost at the end of the first quarter. How are your business goals for the year coming along? The Board of Directors continue to work hard and are pushing through our many goals as well: meeting plans; committee developments; and fundraising all top our list this year.

I hope you can attend the meeting coming up on April 14th. We will the last few months, look at the year ahead and we want to hear your ideas on what you feel can benefit this Chamber.


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April General Membership Meeting


This month we mixed it up a bit and wanted to hear from those members in attendance. We lerarned a great deal from: Barb Streem, Mary Kay Cosmetics; Tim Ritely, Record Courier; Vince Pelosi, Access To Independence; Bud Sworak, Camper Care; and Sandy Pelphrey, Infinity Resources.

Each spoke about their businesses, what is hapenning and thier goals fro 2015. How nice it was to learn a great deal more about our member businesses. All have a full plate with many goals for the year.

I hope you can join us on May 12, and learn more about your fellow Chamber members too!

To promote the interest of its members and of business in general
To create a bond among existing businesses
To promote new business in the area
To inform the public of existing and new business
To work with schools, residents, and other community organizations
To be a source of information about the community

President - Denese Schneckenburger • Vice President - Peter (Bud) Sworak • Treasurer - Ina Sayre • Secretary - Pam England

Trustees - Linda Hankins, Vince Pelose, Dave May